I like words, I like people, I like solving problems. So you can imagine I love solving people’s problems with words.

I am an Italian/English bilingual neat freak with a BA in Business Management, an MA in Publishing and a zigzag freelance career made of amazing experiences in content and communication.

Personality tests say I am a thinker able to find and create meaning, and a rational and idealistic reformer. The people I work with know I am kind and pragmatic, love simplicity, and always play by the rules.

But enough about me. What can I do for you?


I write copy in Italian and English for companies and projects that need a clear, polished presentation of their work and values.

Whether through websites, installations or broader communication projects, I find the right words to convey clients’ content – nothing more, nothing less.


I provide revision and proofreading services in Italian or English, for consistency and conformity with house rules. But I can also go much deeper.

You might not know this about me, but kindness is pretty much my trademark. Yet, years ago one of my favorite clients nicknamed me machete – because I happily hack through copy, turning confused into concise and fluff into flow.


I have over fifteen years of experience translating from Italian into English and vice versa.

I specialize in non-fiction and marketing or communication material, including books, articles, blog and social media posts, websites, exhibition displays, interactive installations, screenplays, subtitles, brochures, brand guidelines, portfolios, presentations, reports and technical documents. Sheesh!


I make clients happy by translating their creative copy in a way that effectively conveys the original message in the voice of a new language.

This mix of translation and copywriting is called transcreation, and I’ve been doing it since before it had a name.

Content management and strategy

As creative as I can be, I know my standout strength is analysis.

My ability to “figure out” content helps me find the right tone of voice when I’m writing, and complements my organizational skills when managing complex projects like magazines, web apps or exhibition displays. I love seeing pieces fall into place. I love defining the right place for them to fall into.

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